Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Goodbye

Dear Insert-Your-Name,


Well, if you do come across this blog, congratulations.
You are now entering my life back since 2009-2010.

I do not document everything in this web media, because well, honestly, I'm pretty much a private person. -_-
And with what I document here, I do not mean to harm, offend or hurt anyone.

When you go through of what I write here about my life from 2009 until 2010, do know that these are MY memories, something I can never alter or change, and will remain as MY memories, despite it being here on the web, or in my heart and my head.

And as for the rest of my life (Year 2011 onwards), I guess the story is yet to unfold.
And even if it does, it will not be written here. I will continue writing at >

I love you.

Aziati Wan Haron


syira tenSai said...

tumblr ngan blog ne lgi besh?

Aziati Wan Haron said...

blogspot lah :)