Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Notebook.

The second thing I love the most about E-books (Kindle, iPad, nOOk) is how cheap the prices are when you buy them electronically. (The first thing I love is its E-ink technology)

I just bought a book that would cost me $25 on print but it was only $8 from Amazon Kindle. Such awesome savings, right?

But I can't lie, I still love going to the bookstores, and like my little brother will always say "There's something about the smell of a book and the feel of paper that makes the reading an experience." (Such a nerd. Lol)

I somewhat agree with him.

But instead of going to purchase a book, I go to the bookstore to browse on what are the nice/new books available especially at the "Best Sellers" areas.

I still like to run my fingers across the pages and read the synopsis and have a feel of the book.

And when I'm happy with feel and flow of the book, I flip it close, go online and buy e-Book for half the price and read from my Kindle. (Yes, I'm cheap lol)

I however, usually end up buying notebooks every time I go to the bookstore. The feeling I get when I write (with a pen) on a Moleskine (or any paper notebook) is something any iPad/technology have yet to match or replace.

Well, at least for me.

I was wearing Eggs white blouse, Zara green pants and Gucci clutch that my Daddy got my Mama in 1970s and my Mama decided to hand it down to me. Vintage!

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Hasniza Hassan said...

Gucci 1970's! Yeah, totally vintage and makes me insane! Hehee