Sunday, November 1, 2009

Little Monster's Birthday Bash

Getting him ready for his party
(Muka dia masam kerana kena paksa untuk memakai costume)
Baby Elena also in a costume! Schmontel!
My best friend's princess.
Baby Lulu!

The Little Monster.
So cute, apabila memakai costume ini, Si Kecil mula bernafas "Hmpphh.. Hmmphh",
(Ala, tiru gaya Darth Vader dalam Starwars, kan dia ada breathing issue?)
Time to whack the Pinatas!
But before that.. give me your angry face...
(The kids have to pose their angry faces in order to whack the Pinatas.. Hehe)
Ini champion muka tergarang!
Kill the attendant!
Tiba-tiba muncul si Pocong (macamana mahu eja?)
Si Devil melepak dengan Si Pocong.
Hahaha we just had to take this shoot. -_-
Time to blow your cake & make a wish!
Okay bye nowwww!
(Aren't they just the cutest?)


Anonymous said...

mau mimpi ngeri budak budak tu tgk poch tu

all about beca said...


Yes dear, i am here, anything? by the way, adorable kids, like the super cutesy angry faces...