Sunday, November 15, 2009

iPhone 3GS - The Greatest Gadget Ever

Aku terima teks,
"Choose me, or iPhone. NOW."
(By now, you should know that I play with the iPhone all the time, and maybe, sometimes, neglecting the world)
Aku duduk termenung.

Pandang iPhone hadiah(bribery) dari dia.

(By now, you should know that he might have regretted getting me this, because maybe, most of the time, he's neglected)
Aku baca teks itu semula.
Buat pilihan.

Aku balas,

Then I continued playing Bejewelled from the iPhone.

**** Siapa kata sukar untuk beri jawapan politikal?


Anonymous said...

it's so goin into the longkang b...

supersonic_teeth said...

bf asked the same thing. gadget or me. i pulak tak reti berpolitik, terus jawab "gadget". but anyway, like your style. kekekekekek.

angelX said...

politikal pun penting. i f* miss you.

Anonymous said...

it's definitely goin into longkang tonite!!

angelX said...

B, can you sign in your blog account so that I know its you? and I wont bring it tonight, simpan kat rumah. takut. hehe

Anonymous said...

dowan to sign into my account.. nanti orang baca.. tanak share ngan kawan2 u.. i anti-social.. just like u and ur iphone.. huhhhhh..