Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kids Say the Cutest Thing #2

The Little Monster received loads of presents today.
(Yes, we threw him a Costume birthday party today; oh my the kids were the cutest; I shall upload the photos in the next entry; I feel like squashing each one of them!)

The Little Monster & I were busy opening all the presents he got from his friends..

Look at his happy face!

Kami buka hadiah demi hadiah;
Until we came to this one..
(Sila lihat muka teruja Si Kecil mendapat Transformers itu)

Si Kecil begitu gembira mendapat hadiah itu, maka terus menjerit,
"YEAY!!! Look! I got OCTOPUS PRIME!"

******* He never fails to amuse me.
Optimus Prime jadi Octopus Prime pulak. So cute ;)

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Anonymous said...

hahahahhahahahahahahah!! kelakar k aliff