Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI

Super Bowl is the annual championship of the National Football League.
It is like the biggest thing here in the US.

I would be lying if I told you I am into Super Bowl.
(Kalau kawan-kawan Mat Salleh tahu ni mesti emo, LOL)

There are, however, 3 things I love about Super Bowl.

First, is of course, how it brings everyone together.
The shindig, pre & post parties, the gathering - Oh my God, it is crazy!

Second, the amazing commercials they play during the game.
Hilarious, funny, heartfelt, over the top, some even stupid - it is simply out of this world!
They have commercials related to last year's Super Bowl commercial (sequence), and even commercials linked to one another, creating a story line.
I salute America's advertisement industry.

The third thing I love about Super Bowl?
Tom Brady.
Earlier that day, I was told to pick a team to root/bet for, Giants or Patriots.
Since I have absolutely NO IDEA about any of the team, I picked Giants, simply because they had a nicer logo and a nicer color balloon -___-

Well, if Patriots had a Tom Brady picture on their balloon, I would have picked Patriots, but then again, my decision to go with the Giants based on their balloon color was indeed an amazing choice, as Giants won the game and I won the bet!

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