Thursday, March 19, 2009

Price Fixing or Market Sharing

Today I had to attend AntiTrust training because I have been identified as "High Risk Employee" to the Company.

As per the lawyer
"Ask yourself, Do you want the competitor to have this info?"
"You're NOT supposed to share infos with your PARTNER at home,
especially during talks on the bed, (lol), what more to competitors?"

I quickly texted him; saying, "Morning Bee, I am "High Risk Employee."

He texted me back,
"You're a high risk lover as well.
Belum ada Anti-Trust level"



Anonymous said...
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Aziati Wan Haron said...
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Xul said...

oiii get a room.
and talk abt this there laa...

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Semua ini adalah LAKONAN SEMATA MATA
Don't believe everything you read on Internet!

Untuk memenuhi permintaan Abang Xul

My blog is NOW SESUAI for tontonan umum *chop SIRIM*

Anonymous said...

wat the heeeeeeellllll???!!!????
we want uncensored stuffs here.. we're adults... come on ti!! u can do it ti!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want uncersored stuff from you...

Maybe you can start by posing nude here

You'll be a great success,
I will be the ones clicking 'redtube' hahaha