Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sacrifice for Love

Today, my laptop crashed on me.

Kemudian NN kata, "Your computer just made the ultimate sacrifice."

Aku tanya, "What do you mean by that?"

NN sambung, "Coz dia korbankan diri dia (crash), so that you can go and buy the new iMAC."

I like love her theory.
My laptop making the ultimate sacrifice.
Obviously we have to honor her death.
(I decided the laptop to be female; because she was always such a bitch to me.)

"Dear Laptop,
After all the years we've been together,
it's awfully sweet of you to sacrifice yourself so I can buy the new iMac.
If this is your dying wish; I will try my level best to fulfill it.
To honor you.
Rest in peace."
Dear iMac,
With you around,
This will be a hell of a funeral.


Anonymous said...

crazy dy.. no wonder dowan to msn with me..

angelX said...

There's a price drop :)

NN said...

hah??dah beli??

* muka sgt terkejut* hahahhaha