Sunday, July 26, 2009

You either Make it or Break it

Aku dan dia, kami memang berbeza.

Principles, Ideologies, Habits, Hobbies.

How we talk, communicate.
What we do, how we think.

Aku kata, "We're totally opposite of each other. Do you think that our differences will break us up?"

Bermuka poker, dia jawab, "We're totally opposite of each other. But we have one thing in common. We love each other. And that; will never break us up."

(All the lovers can say "Awww.." and all the haters can say "Ewwwwww" now :)


NN said...


Xul said...

anybody knows how barfing would sound like?

angelX said...

so you're one of the haters.. hahaha

Jeremy Chuen said...

love is not enough, i remember clearly.

angelX said...

Hmm. P. Taken. Note it