Friday, May 22, 2009

The L Word

Jadi kita ada bincang tentang the F word.

I especially like what allaboutbeca said,
"Love does not provide for 3 meals a day, passion does not determine whether you can safely give birth to your kid, money does all these things"

Benar, bukan?
Tapi kita just won't grow up to face reality.

Balik kepada kisah the girls from school yang mengorbankan cinta kerana the F word.
So we need to find the F guy.
But at what cost?

When I hang out the girls from work,
Isu sama juga diperbualkan, "Marriage."But, in a much advanced stage, which in specific, I'd say;
"Separation", or "Divorce".

Because of the L word.

Ini sama kisah Forbidden Fruit.
Mungkin juga, jika kita sudah kahwin,
The tempation to cheat is; much more thrilling?
Or maybe we are just, plain cheaters.

Take for Example Friend A.
Happily married, 6 years, with 3 kids. One weekend she tried to call her husband, and he answered the call with, "Yang, I dah kahwin lagi sorang."

Take for Example Friend B.
Got married when she was 17, and now at 23, walaupun sudah ada 5 year old son; she is cheating on her rich, humble, nice and good looking 28 year old husband (gila, look at the guy's profile.. rare species.. tapi the wife still cheated on him). Two timed him with a 25 year old student, who happens to be a Mat Salleh.

Take for Example Friend C.
She came back early from work to surprise her husband only to find him screwing her best friend.

Tidak perlu la banyak example,
Because, benda-benda macamni jadi setiap masa; setiap hari dalam kehidupan kita.

Jadi, jika difikirkan kembali isu isu the girls from work,
Perkataan lain pula yang menjadi Key Issue.
Atau, key criteria.

Seorang yang setia.
Tidak akan curang.
Will love you & only you.

Jadi, jika I buat teori based on the girls from school & the girls from work,
Adakah ia bermaksud,
We have to find someone yang F dan juga L?

Tamak sangat tu. =)
Lagipun, mungkin species itu sudah pupus.

Jika harus di pilih antara ;
Loyalty & Financial,
Yang mana pula harus jadi pilihan?
Again, if we were to choose any of this option.

Sila keluar dari tempurung, and live in the real world.
We can't have the best of both worlds.

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