Saturday, May 16, 2009

That's so Paris

When I hang out with the girls from school,
Isu yang akan hangat di perbualkan would either be "Engagement", or "Marriage".

Jika di sentuh 2 topic ini,
I dapat conclusion bahawa,
Most of the girls from school yang sedang menuju to Marriage, either:-
i) telah putus tunang
ii) hendak putus tunang
iii) tak jadi tunang

Mostly All because of the "F" word.

Take for example Friend A.
Her fiance broke up with her because he felt that he could NOT support her financially once they are married. So wedding's off.
(Tapi bukankah kau, si lelaki, patut fikirkan terlebih dahulu, before kau even lafazkan "Will you marry me?")

Take for example Friend B.
She is having AN AFFAIR with another guy, because this NEW guy is much RICHER and is able to take care of her luxuriously as compared to her FIANCE. So, wedding MIGHT be off.
(Tapi, bukankah kau, si perempuan, patut fikirkan terlebih dahulu, before kau accept the engagement ring?)

Take for example Friend C.
She cancelled the engagement because the boyfriend was NOT successful enough. So engagement's off.
(Benarkah cinta is not good enough to make a marriage work?)

Financial, is quite the key issue nowadays.
Don't call girls materialistic but that's how the world is.

Dalam Islam juga, sememangnya lebih afdal jika wanita mengahwini seseorang yang tarafnya sama atau lebih diri sendiri.

Jadi, what's happening to the girls from school, it got me thinking, for days.
Is Financial really the KEY issue here?
Are we supposed to marry someone that is able to provide us what we need, what we want?
Or, is LOVE strong enough for both husband and wife to stay together?

I want to believe, seperti dalam wedding vow Christian "for richer, for poorer", but I've been told, that's just bullshit.

Jika kita dibesarkan dengan certain, certain, lifestyle,
Iya, mungkin agak mewah,
Perlukah kita cari seseorang yang boleh memberi the same lifestyle kepada kita?

Or should we compromise?
And, if the answer is YES, that, we should compromise,
Who is to determine to what level we should lower our expectations?


Izrin said...

good topic babe!

i know the first two scenario..tapi saper the third one?

angelX said...

3rd one, I shall tell you when we meet :D

NN said...

I believe you should find someone who can make you happy.

F is important, very important indeed, but if the guy got good F but doesnt make you happy, for what babe?

in conclusion, find the F guy who can make you happy eheheh..

angelX said...

I have another version of the story.
Another point of view.
The L word pula

angelX said...

And oh, the L; is not for Love

all about beca said...

Money is not everything, but close to it to determine how successful a marriage is. Forget about love or passion or all those emotional things, its all overrated. Love does not provide for 3 meals a day, passion does not determine whether you can safely give birth to your kid, money does all these things. For those girls who does take money into consideration when getting married, good for you. Fo those who think love and passion is everything, STOP reading fairy tales and GROW up.

Anonymous said...

wat's the L word?? ;)

angelX said...

Beca, you read my mind :)