Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Cool Crowd

I haven't been blogging lately, have I?

It's just, too much is happening and I just, never could find the right words to say it.
Oh well.

Anyway, couple days ago, I was driving alone, you know, doing some market intelligence,
and it felt so peaceful to enjoy the beautiful scenary.

(Cheh, market intelligence konon, padahal sesat hahaha wtf -_-)
As I was driving, I got a little depressed because I was alone, and I kind of miss my life back in KL..

Then, what a wonderful surprise.
Tiba-tiba ada satu group datang convoy together with me.
I call them the COOL CROWD.

Meet the "COOL CROWD"

Like really, there were 30 of them!

Blocking my road.. Hahaha.. Walking with me.
I got so fascinated with them.
Even drove side by side with them.

Macho siot kambing putih yang ada tanduk melengkok tu.
Okay, people say I'm weird when I make that statement, but what the heck.

Selalu ke kita dapat convoy dengan kambing?


Jeremy Chuen said...

only the privileged gets this :D

AM said...

hahahahahahahahaha!!!! kambing

waNny said...

hhahahahahahahaha . owh god, come back to KL quickly!