Sunday, January 9, 2011

Strawberries up in the Mountain

Hello, everyone.
Where am I?



Cameron Highlands!

Finally -_-
I think the last time I was up here was when I was 8 years old.
When I was a weird kid with no friends.
Hahahaha okay let's not go down that memory lane.

Picture taken at the Bharat Tea House.
Okay, I am actually WORKING, not on a holiday FML!

This is what I call, "Market Intelligence" ha ha ha tak habis-habis market intelligence.
As part of the job, I need to understand the trade economics of the area, this, in my opinion, includes me drinking the lovely Tea and eating the strawberries as well!

Yes, how am I expected to grow the business if I don't even know what's good in the area, no?
(Boss, justify tak explanation macam ni? -_-)

Anyway, some interesting things I found up there.
The fruits!
Weird, weird looking fruits.

I made friends with one of the biggest fruit plantation owner there, and he gave me this fruit called The Miracle Fruit.
Lepas makan Miracle Fruit tu, semua benda pun jadi manis.

It's so small, as small as a seed.
And, lepas makan Miracle Fruit tu, Mr Fong aka the owner, made me eat lemon just like that.
And, surprisingly, the lemon tasted sweet!

Good for people on diet watch. Or diabetic.

Oh ya.. the one thing I loved the most is the Kailan.
So fresh.

Cameron Highlands is very popular with tourists, and despite it being quite a small area, the amount of businesses that is operating up there is remarkable.

And it has become way congested during the weekends and school holidays, which is good for the Shell business up there too :)

(Why am I talking like this is a work report?)

FYI I don't really like strawberries, I know, I'm lame like that.
( I prefer Jagung. Hahahaha biasa lah budak kampung -_-)

Mana ada ladang Jagung?


Jeremy Chuen said...

I dont think I ever heard people wanting to visit a corn farm. hahahaha but i will find for you

Hasz said...

I don't really like strawberries too. So, you're not lame alone. You have me hihi

Welcome back!

AM said...

so much fun. i feel like going there too

H said...

Wanna ask smurf to include miracle fruit and fresh corn (sedap di makan begitu saja) in their farm's list...hahahaha