Tuesday, January 25, 2011

View from the Top

They say when you are in Sabah, going to Poring Hot Spring is a must.
So off to Poring; we went.

By the way, the name Poring, (eventhough sounds like boring, it is actually not boring -_-) comes from a Kadazan word for a bamboo species found in that area :)

"OK my darling children, this is how a Bamboo looks like"
(FYI this picture is a reference for my future kids, in case bamboo becomes extinct in the future)

If you explore the Poring Springs, you will soon find a waterwall
(That is... after climbing up the hill for 9,999,999,999 kilometres.....)

Okay so it's not 9,999,999,999 kms up the hill.
Officially it's only 1km climb, but to me it felt like 9,999,999,999 kms -_-

Inside the Poring Hot Springs, there's this Canopy Walk which is 160 metres long and 41 metres high -_-

It was a little creepy, especially at the peak.
I mean, bila you pandang bawah, like -_-
But for those too scared/no stamina/etc to climb Mount Kinabalu (like me haha), this canopy walk is good enough of a view :P