Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Straits Quay Wonder

Greetings, from Penang Island.

The view from my room.
I was practically glued to my bed,
together with Hot Chocolate in my hands, just enjoying the view from the room.

At work, I got this.

Isn't it just the cutest Thumb Drive you've ever seen? :P

At night, I had this crazy craving for Ribs & Affogato (as usual), so I went to this new 'chic' place called Straits Quay.

Do you know Straits Quay?

It's my latest favorite hang out place of all times (in Malaysia)
He he he

Isn't it just beautiful?
It's a shopping mall & residences (few condos & bungalows).
(Yes, imagine the price..........)

My Boss asked me if I'd like to move here.
(Like hello?? Of course???)
I asked him if Shell would pay for it, and he told me "Yes, Shell will give you a tent to set up IN FRONT of Straight Quay."
FML -_-

Anyway, I fell in love with the place immediately.
It's so romantic.

And I have always been a sucker for romantic places -__-

I don't really dig the shopping outlets, because obviously nothing beats KL's shopping (in Malaysia).

But the dining experience, it's a whole new level.

You dine facing the sea, with the stars and the moon up in the air.
You know... the priceless quietness sound of the peaceful water.
And there's even a light house nearby.
With ferries passing by.
*dreamy eyes*

And THE awesome lighting.


How romantic is that?

And the best part?
They have Affogato and also, live orchestra!