Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sabah Food

Rasanya, kalau duduk dekat Sabah lama-lama, boleh jadi obese.
Makan tak henti.
Semua benda pun sedap.
(Tapi bila seluar ketat dah tak sedap la -_-)

Ketam masak butter.
Semua jenis ketam dah try sebenarnya, Black Pepper, Sauteed Egg, Curry, Pedas, Chilli, Pepper, Dry, Steamed, ANYTHING, you name it, semua dah makan.
Very delicious, and very cheap!

Some of the photos of the Food that I took..
(I was too busy eating.... nyum nyum, so I forgot to take MOST of the photos)

Hahaha excuse the ugly looking fish.
As I took a photo of it, Alfian ate it's stomach -___-

And of course... kena la makan something weird jugak kan....
Siput babi.
I don't know what it is, they call it Shell in Sabah.
Alfian said it reminds him of Siput Babi eeewww
But I ate them anyways :P

Look at it.. nyummy CHEWWWYYY

If you want some local taste, you should then go to Filipino Market.

Look at the size of the prawns!!
As I was chatting with one of the stall owners, she asked me to try this seaweed.

Nampak agak gross kan?
Benda ni diorang tak masak pun, just take from the sea and rendam-rendam dalam air and serve it on my plate -__-

I got Chia Yinn to try them as well... He he he

They put this on the table, you're supposed to make your own sauce, it's chilli, ajinomoto & lime.
Campur dengan kicap.
Makan dengan seaweed tu.

The seaweed tasted funny.
Crunchy and masam-masam sikit.
Tapi boleh makan la, once you cicah with the soy sauce :P

And ya, last but not least,
Sila makan the famous Beef Noodle at Hilltop.

Okay so this is the reason WHY my pants/clothes sudah ketat and WHY I need to do shopping this CNY Holiday.

(shifty eyes)


H said...

hahahahaha...time to shopping for new clothes..good try

Anonymous said...

balik la.

Jeremy Chuen said...

have u ever thought of hosting a food hunting show?