Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Boys and Justin Bieber

Yes, I miss The Boys.
(Special Note: And of course I miss my girlfriends (and everyone else too)
This entry is just 'part' of the list of who I miss. Hihi.

They will always (and I mean ALWAYS) end up at my house every night from 9pm until I think the sun comes up.

If we are too lazy to go out, we will just end up hanging out at home, I often ask them to bring their own drinks because seriously after 9,999,999 hang outs I think it's best if I do it pot-luck style.

We are so close, that even H ends up being best friends with them!
Now every other night H would text me, and I ask, "Buat apa?"
He would say "Minum, with The Boys."

And every now and then, one of the boys (I shall not mention names), would text me and tell me, "Get me something nice from US - or I will tell H all your dirty secrets."
Like FML!

Oh well, I am blessed to have such amazing friends, and I just hope each one of them will find a wife that loves both H & I, so that we can be friends for a long time, and I will have many places to choose from - to send my kids whenever I want to for a vacation (without kids!).


Dark @ng3L said...

adakah itu Po in one of ur pics kat entry ni.

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hehehe yes itu Po