Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Navy Pier, Lake Michigan

I experienced my first snow in Chicago.

I remember going into the steel mill for a meeting in the morning, and as we left the place for lunch, it was already snowing outside.
I was so happy, I literally was dancing and licking the snowflakes from the tip of my tongue!

A colleague (Mat Salleh) of mine said to me, "You're fascinating. You look like you just met Santa for the first time."
I told him, "But I won't lick Santa."
(He was not fascinated by this -_-)

It was -2 celsius, can you believe it?
I was freezing.
And being in Chicago, along the lake, the temperature can drop up to -10 due to the 'wind effect.'
I would walk for 5 minutes, and find a store (any store!) and go inside to reheat myself again for about 10 minutes before I continue walking -__-

Anyway, when you go to Chicago, Navy Pier is a place you should visit.
Navy Pier is located along the Chicago shoreline of Lake Michigan.

Navy Pier is a mix of cargo facility and also, well because of it's awesome scenery, as a hang out place :)

Rachel, Alex & I (Navy Pier & Magnificent Mile)

I think in Winter you should allow yourself to gain few kilos, because Winter makes you hungry all the time, and even if you gain weight, you can always cover them up with your super huge winter jackets ;)

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