Monday, January 2, 2012

Tips in America #3: Know Where to find Soil.

Yes, you are right. That is a dog.
I got licked (over and over again) by a dog on New Year's Eve.
Oh well.

You know, living in an American community, you just got to respect their culture.
Don't expect people to learn about you, you got to learn about theirs and you got to adapt. (Without compromising your values, of course)
That's what I learnt.

The dog was licking me, and I was like running away from it, and Cameron (owner) asked me, "Why?" I told him, "I can't touch dogs. But no worries."

A dog is a man's best friend. Abby (the dog) was literally like Cameron's baby.

I don't mean by respecting their culture that you should sacrifice yours, no no (jangan la sampai pergi main belai anjing tu kan FML haha!), what I mean is that, we should not make such a big deal out of it, (like expect for the dog to be put in a cage) or like for them to understand why you can't touch dogs.

It's their house and it's their country.

The dog already licked me once, so I have to 'Samak' anyways, so why bother make a big deal out of it, right?

As long as you know where to find soil for Samak later.
Nasib baik dekat Lobby rumah ada tanah. I see yoouuuuuu.

Chewah. Letak dalam gelas.

Benda paling leceh is to actually wash my dress.

OMG do you know how long it took me to get rid of all the dirt from the dress after that?

My new year resolution: Harap-harap tidak dijilat anjing lagi. Simple.


nis said...

you can get those soaps made from mud (brand: taharah) from malaysia. easy to samak either yourself or your clothes.

Lina Lokman said...

Hahaha funny part is when u have to get rid the dirt from the dress pulak. btw i didnt know u still writing here. i tot u already moved to tumblr? banyak yg i terlepas and most important u're engaged?? wow congrats then :)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Wah! Thanks Nis, I shall look for that! :))))

Lina: Hahhahaha itu la. so sad. LoL. Yeah, i wanted to move to Tumblr but I think I prefer Blogspot. Hehehe. Miss you though!

waNny said...

babe.. nak cakap pasal sabun tu.. mmg ada jual. suruh H cari kat KL nie and intercourier to u can kan? hahahahahaha

NN said...

Babe, u r avoiding the Q, engaged? Hahahaha

Aziati Wan Haron said...

NB: hahahaha !!!! In denial wtf!!!! Haha

Wanny: nakkkk pls!