Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bridal Shower: Let's Get Some Lovin'

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love to be pampered and loved.

I love getting my hair & nails done, going to the spa, facial (even though I absolutely fail at doing this at the right schedule), or just sit quietly and reading a book.

It's such an intimate moment, that makes you feel so peaceful inside.

To celebrate me 'getting married', like "Is she for real?" -__- my A335 girls took me for some intimate session of full pampering and loving.

I absolutely love this.

They even custom made costume for that day!
And also, a DIY Bookmark about the event. I have always been a sucker for DIY things, and I absolutely love these!
(Notice I'm saying absolutely like way too many times? I think I'm picking up some 'slangs' here.. LOL)

Dylla was supposed to join us as well, because the party for was she & I (We're such best friends that we have the same wedding date! *slaps forehead* but different time. LOL), on at the very last minute she couldn't make it. But I took her shirt anyway and placed it next to me, so it was as if she was with us the whole time. I miss you.

Living in the US now, and coming back home for only a short time, I cherish every moment that I have in Malaysia.
I had the most amazing time just chilling, talking, bonding heart to heart with the girls.

I am honored to have such amazing friends in my life.

Myra, my BFF and my other half, thank you for getting my lazy ass out of the house that day.