Monday, January 2, 2012

Izrin's Bridal Shower

My favorite photos from Izrin's Bridal Shower. This is very outdated, as Izrin is already married. Hahaha! But better late than never, right?

I love parties. I not only love how we always have fun when we meet our friends, I also love the details of it. Dina made our doorgift - I thought it was crazy cute! Cotton candy with Izrin's name on it, amazing!

I did the flowers of course, I was googling on how to make paper flowers and found a tutorial in Youtube so I went ahead to buy crepe paper and yeah did it one by one (Okay la, the first few attempts was a major failure, my flowers ended up looking like a dog bone -__-) . LOL! Also the small party cards that says "Izrin's Bridal Shower", I just love all these DIY things.

I even made the boys help me to do the flowers.
(Okay who am I kidding, Not help, maybe just sit and laugh at me while I'm like 100% focusing on how to roll the bloody thing, and they would just sit and play Angry Birds wtf)

Now living here, I'm sure I will be missing a lot of future bridal, weddings, birthdays and baby showers - it makes me really sad, but I have such amazing friends that I know things will always be the same - regardless of where we are, we will always be friends.


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Dina said...

thanks for the mention but malu pula :D very simple work compared to your flowers!