Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

It feels kind of odd to celebrate New Year's Eve 14 hours after everyone in Malaysia celebrated it. I was reading Twitter updates on what my friends were doing back home while I was in my pyjamas and still on my bed.

And when I was out for my NYE, everyone (in Malaysia) was like, "Girl, you are so out dated."

I almost wanted to purchase a ticket to New York for the NYE, but it was so expensive so I didn't, but after finding out that Lady Gaga was performing at Times Square and I also just found out about the ball drop (yes I am outdated), I am now starting to regret not going to NY.

But hey there's always next year.

And I had an amazing NYE here with my new amazing friends.


waNny said...

thats the new varina colour kan? i hate cyuh!

AdzyH said...

OMG, are you in NY?

I was just telling my husband how nice it would be if we could go celebrate NYE there!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Wanny: But I love you! :))

Adzyh: No, wanted to go to NY but the ticket was crazy expensive so I celebrated NYE in Houston. Hehehe. Well maybe we can celebrate NYE together in NY next year!

Jeremy Chuen said...

Looking amazing baby