Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fergie's Six Pack


Jejaka paling kacak dalam hidup aku.

kalau dah demam, macam ni la jadinya.

Sila dukung 15 kilo selama 4 jam di cuaca yang sejuk.

(Macam kau angkat kotak serbuk pencuci FAB yang 5 Kilo tu.
Ha, tapi cuba kau angkat 4 kotak FAB 5 Kilo sekaligus.)

Tengok body jadi six pack tak.


all about beca said...

OHH!! i have been following you for ages and only today know that you are not married, not divorced etc. Hmm, another important question, are you still single? this is for the benefit of all the single guys out there!!


Lisa said...

are u studying in London?

angelX said...

Funny, Beca :)

Lisa: No, working already.

Does this mean I look young?
-_- shifty eyes

all about beca said...

Funny?? Hmm...meaning you are not interested in letting people know whether you are single and available?? or is it single but not available?? or is it attached and not available?

I think i am confusing myself here!


Anonymous said...

owhh yeahh... tell us.. are ya single and available or are ya attached and not available or are ya attached but available? =)

angelX said...

Hahahahaha and my bet is Anonymous = my boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Clever girl.. Puss puss..