Monday, December 21, 2009

Ho Chi Min Ghost

When I was in the Prime Minister's secret tunnel (in Vietnam), the Boys & I thought it was quite hilarious to have fun with the camera.
(Ambil gambar tourist & OMG ada apa belakang tu?)

So, we took several shots, some of me lying on the stairs, mostly of them (Boys) smiling (like nothing is wrong) and laughing away, while I become this Ju-On creepy chick.
(You know, like those typical horror flicks you see. Well, except I was wearing a colorful dress. Hahaha.)
But when I came back, it suddenly struck me, what the hell was I thinking?

Many many years ago, the secret tunnel was REALLY used by the Vietnamese army, (siap ada TORTURE room) and people actually DIED and KILLED there.
(Tempat perang, kau tahu?)

Aku teringat cerita-cerita hantu, macam Shutter tu?
Kan hantu ikut dia balik dalam gambar, OMG so F creepy.

Orang tua cakap jangan kacau, lebih lagi ajuk benda-benda macam ini.
& I am obviously manusia paling penakut dalam dunia.
Tapi ada hati nak jadi pelawak hantu.

Thus, bila aku pulang dari Vietnam, I refused to see the photos again.
Hinggalah aku lihat Jo uploaded some of them on the Net.

Well, it has been almost 4 months, and up to now,

I'm still alive and not haunted.

Insya Allah; I will be OK.

PS> Fiq, this is for you.

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