Monday, December 7, 2009

Irrational; or Nostalgic?

I was going through my crazy (overloaded) room earlier on;
& some interesting items I found;

1) The bags I used to school when I was 13
(Update: Packed in a box & will be posted to the kids that need them more)
2) All the Exam papers I have ever taken (yes, WTF. All stored neatly in a folder)
3) The wristband from the hospital for my first surgery
4) The first love letter I got back in high school; which ironically came from (who-now-became) my best friend for 13 years; and is running his own custom workshop
5) The box to my first handphone. (Yes, it was Nokia 3310 - how long ago was that?)
6) The Teddy Bear I got from my ex-boyfriend almost 10 years ago; (who-now-became) my neighbor for the past 5 years; and is running his own delicious restaurant
(Update: OK, packed in a box & will be posted to the kids that need them more)
7) All the letters I ever got from my girlfriends (stored neatly in a box)
8) All the gifts anyone has ever gave me (even though I might have outgrown some of them; I still have them in my room; or in my 'memory lane' room)
(Update: OK, all the gifts from 'irrelevant' people in my life, eh, no longer in my life, I have also packed in a box & will be posted to the kids that need them more)
9) The bottle I threw at R. (now that you're a bulimic, I somehow blame myself for throwing that bottle at you when we were in school, forgive me?)
(Update: Aku buang saja. R, kau baca ni kan?)
10) The journal entry I wrote about Mohd Hazrat Hakimi when I was 12. (Hahahaha!!!!)
11) All the photos ever taken; all the albums; all the journals of my life written since I was 7 years old
12) The "You will be mine" bloody note & necklace gift from a stalker (Hey, man.. I don't feel there's a need for you to make it bloody? No?)
(Update: Aku buang saja. LOL)
13) The first camisole I bought (Yes! It was quite an achievement for me to have to start wearing a camisole when I was 14.)
14) My high school uniform sprayed and signed by God-knows-Who?
15) The receipt for the restaurant I had dinner with him during our first Agama lesson ;)

(And the list goes on & on)

I'm such a nostalgic person.
And you said I'm heartless and moved on easily.


Zulkarnain Azman said...
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Zulkarnain Azman said...

Nice. I cant be that nostalgic, threw away almost every ancient relic that I have. Kadang-kadang bakar.

jan said...

but, u aRE heartless & move on easily. no? =P

all about beca said...

Thats a lot of things to fit in a room!! I would be very insecure if i were your partner knowing that you kept stuff from your exes.


angelX said...

Zulkarnain: I rasa bakar paling best. Tak pernah buat lagi. Nanti I bakar.

Jan: Hish!!!

Beca: LOL. Never imagined you as an insecure guy. Hehe

Zulkarnain Azman said...

yeah you should try bakar... fun.

all about beca said...

Heh...i'm a walking contradiction many more ways that you can imagine!