Sunday, December 13, 2009

And the answer is Yes

I've been raised to have big dreams in life.

I do have big dreams.
(Dan dengan izin Allah, I will make them come true)

So the question I ask myself now,
(And you should ask yourself)

Shouldn't yours be bigger?

***** Dan gambar makan aiskrim ini sememangnya tiada kena mengena dengan entri.


Zulkarnain Azman said...

Shouldn't mine be bigger? Haha

all about beca said...

Such suggestive comments!
I think you can get a cone bigger in width here in Malaysia!! that cone looks long and skinny, not satisfying enough!


angelX said...

Hahahaha I didn't even realize the coincidence!!

jan said...

didn't even realize the coincidence? pffft!!! u can fool everyone else but not me..

angelX said...

Hahaahahahahaha AJAN!!!!