Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hello, everyone.

My name is Little Monster.
(a.k.a Si Kecil, Baby, Gedik, Gelek, Manja, Mengada, Little Champion, Blue Ranger)
Since it's Christmas, it's ONLY right if we go to the biggest TOY SHOP?

Hamleys, here we come!!
Yeay! Elves!

Candies! Yuuummmmyyy
So many toys... So many choices...
(Nota dari penulis: Muka keliru Si Kecil. Hahaha.)
Okay I found what I want!
"Thank you. I love you!"
"Dah, jom balik."
(Nota dari penulis: Lepas dah beli toy, memang taknak pergi tempat lain. Nak balik terus.)

****** There's something about going to the Toyshop that makes you feel all happy & giddy inside.


all about beca said...

Argh! i forgot to visit that place the last time i was there!! damn!
Rugi rugi!


Suraya said...

Greatest aunt!=)

angelX said...

Hehehe. Beca, U shd go! It's awesome! :)

Suraya: Takde anak sendiri lagi, macamni la jadinya. Jadikan anak orang lain anak sendiri. Hahaha