Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paris Hilton

I have 2 cats.
(No, actually I have 5 cats & 1 Rabbit at home. But 2 cats are my 'manjas')

Yes, 2 cats.

They're called Paris & Hilton.
Yes, Paris for the Female & Hilton for the Male.
(Okay, I like Paris Hilton, sooooo? Hehe.)

My brother calls them Puff & Pocus.
But I thought that name sucked (Yes, Loser, they suck!!@#), so I call them Paris & Hilton.

Thus, their full name is Paris Puff & Hilton Pocus.
(Berebut nak kasi nama, macamni la jadinya)

The cuter one is Paris Puff.
She's more fluffy than Hilton Pocus.

Since she's the pretty one, I tend to spend more time with the 'less' pretty one.
Hilton Pocus.
(Ye la, kurang comel, kurang kasih sayang. Jadi aku neutralized kan amount of cinta)

Paris Puff fell sick 2 days ago.
She died within hours.
(Sedekah Al-Fatihah untuk kucing aku, SEKARANG)

*But animals die & go to Heaven, so Paris, tolong doa aku juga masuk Syurga kelak, nanti kita bertemu lagi.

When my Guard told me that my cat died,
My heart stopped for a moment, because I thought Hilton died.
(Okay, I admit, I love Hilton a bit more....)

But today,
My father told me; "Hilton nazak."
Like really sick.

So my father took him to the doctor.
Hilton kena inject.
Sekarang sedang berehat di dalam sangkar.

Hilton, get well soon, please :(

Don't die on me...........
Don't join Paris...
It's hard enough that Paris died; died a sudden death.

You can't leave me!

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