Monday, August 2, 2010

Love at First Sight

When I landed Singapore, I was so happy because I actually didn't miss the flight,
Despite the fact that it was at 8am.
*pats my back*
The view from my room
The Singapore team booked me a place at Marina Mandarin Hotel,
which was convenient as it was just opposite Suntec Convention Centre, the place where I was having the meeting
I arrived at the hotel at 9am+,
I was very lucky because Francis (The Hotel Manager cum my new best friend)
got me a room immediately, despite the fact that check in time was only at 2pm.
*thumbs up to Francis*

Oh ya, Don't leave your house until your hair is right
(Iklan kejap. LOL)
Honestly, the days in SG were quite hectic, as I was there to bring back best practices from Singapore and run the show in Malaysia with half the budget the SG team got.
Oh well.
Boring nya cerita pasal kerja.

Anyway, I was walking around, and came across THIS lovely creation.


*kelip kelipkan mata*

Jenny (the Sales Assistant) told me, (when I asked to see the bag up-close)
"I saw your eyes looked at it as you enter. And how you asked for this, not the others. This is what we call love at first sight."

I laughed.
"Love at first sight?" I asked.

"Yes. Love at first sight, it's unpredictable. You never expect to fall in love. But, one glance, you just do. I remember how I fell in love with my boyfriend, it was love at first sight too. " Jenny said.

I laughed again.
"I never believed in love at first sight for human."

But, then again,
I believe in love at first sight for non-human, such as this.

Thus, it is only logical if I bring it back home with me, no?

*kelip kelipkan mata*
shifty eyes


Amirah said...

cantikkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhh jealous.... so nicee

Jeremy Chuen said...

latest collection?