Monday, August 9, 2010

Mission #5: Go to Museum Negara (You, Lonely Girl, You)

Last weekend, my sister threw Elena (her daughter), a 1st birthday party.
I think she had like 70 kids over to our house.
It was like a mini kindergarden, plus 2 adults for each kid.
70 X 2 parents = 140 adults. 140 adults + 70 kids = 210 people.

Anyway, I met one of my primary school friends, who is now working with my sister.
She came to me and asked me, "Do you remember me?"
I didn't.
And she continue to tell me,
"But I remember you. You're the girl that eats alone at the canteen! You had no friends."
Hahahaha WTF right.

Yes, I am, that pathetic
If I tell you my childhood history,
you'd probably nominate me for the best "Chicken Soup" series.

I had no friends.
I practically was scared of everyone but my own family.

I remember once, when I was seven, there was a field trip to Muzeum Negara.
I wanted to go so badly, but we had to come in partners.
I, obviously had no friends, apart from, er, my own family.
And we could NOT bring our family.
It was a SCHOOL trip, for SCHOOL kids of my age.

So when I was seven, I didn't go.
Hahahahahahahahahhahaha FML

So today, I finally did it.

Ini rupanya rupa Museum Negara... (Jakun)
Kenapa kau berpakaian sebegini?
A) I was from work
B) I didn't get to go when I was in school, so aku berpakaian ala budak sekolah, OK tak macamni? Kononnya macam flashback ini field trip when I was 7 lah -_-
Hang Tuah!
Takkan Hilang Melayu di Dunia.
I like!
*pats Hang Tuah's shoulders*
See, I'm not the ONLY one with a fascination for shoes.
Memang dari zaman dahulu kala lagi perempuan memang suka kasut, tahu?
Tak sangka aku sampai juga ke Museum Negara.
(Cheh cara cakap macam aku ni bukan orang KL.
Tahu tak museum tu cuma 10 minutes drive from your house? Pffft)


Lina Lokman said...

now i know why must be muzium negara in your "things to do in 365 days" list.hehe

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hahahaha. Yes. Tunaikan hajat yang tidak kesampaian

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hahahaha. Yes. Tunaikan hajat yang tidak kesampaian

Jeremy Chuen said...

one more crossed from the list!

-u-n-s-p-0-k-e-n- said...

go to prague pulak! heheh :)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

InsyaAllah :) Kalau ada rezeki :)