Thursday, August 12, 2010

International Assignment

How would my life be if I am no longer working in KL?
Say, a different state?
Say, a different country?

This is a tough decision.
I'm starting to have headache from over-thinking, over-analyzing.

And I have yet to even tell my parents.
That, would be, another problem altogether.
Daddy, obviously, doesn't want me to be anywhere in the world, except 5km from him -_-

And, the timing of the offer, oh God, the timing...
Could it be any worst?

I know that there will be a time that I have to decide between my Career and Personal life,
But now?

Scenario A,
This is an amazing offer.
And I've been told, "Things like this will only come once in your life."
I know that.
It is what I have been aiming for from the first day I joined Shell.

Scenario B,
I made a personal commitment.
Next year.
I made a promise, I made a commitment.
I made it.

And the irony of this all, is that I can't jive Scenario A with Scenario B.
I actually have to pick just one.
And sacrifice another.

What sick irony is this?


Lina Lokman said...

I dunno much bout carrier.but is there any other option to delay the offer for the sake of your personal life?

myra said...

InsyaAllah you will make the right decision. You might not even have to choose ;p.

God speed!

Mya Kamal said...

did you get the offer?the one you told me before?

that's a very tough decision to make.but both ways could work out.if both are willing to compromise and if i think what i think it is.

Sunny said...

No worries. Fully supported you on this.

Aziati Wan Haron said...


Anonymous said...

Bestnye, muda lg dah dpt this kind of golden opportunity. Kalau dpt pegi EUROPE org gila je yg x nak kan! :)

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Masalahnya bukan dapat gi Europe. He he he -_-

Jeremy Chuen said...

what's ur decision?