Friday, August 20, 2010

Damage Control

Hello, everyone.
Do you realize, (or is it just me?) that whenever you're in an Island,
there's this high sensation of just being there?
Maybe I should be based here instead.

Oh well.

Drove to town because Ipin wanted to buy Jeruk Buah.
You know, we were driving in circles for almost 40 minutes just to find Jalan Chowrasta?
Or is it?
I don't know.
I fell asleep in the car. (As usual)

Semangat gila OK cari kedai ini, semua semata-mata ingin memenuhi hajat cinta hati.

People do weird things, for love.
Don't you think?

When they brought me round and round in circles,
as I was half asleep and half awake,
I thought to myself,
People do crazy things, for love.
They don't give up, easily.

Cuba kalau tak bercinta?
I rasa cuba cari maybe 10 minutes then baik la buat benda lain coz lapar ni tengah puasa.
Tak ke?

Tengok muka H & Ipin, muka bangga dapat jumpa kedai (finally)

Kuatkan iman berpuasa.
People do crazy, weird things for love.
And people hurt the people they love.
And when you hurt the people you love,
Belilah Jeruk Buah untuk pujuk mereka.

Ada gaya Selebriti Lelaki Segak tak?


Anonymous said...
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honey bedazzled said...

jeruk sedapnya...thanks for the advice... i still hate my work but i found something else that give me strength to work, friends! collegues(owh btw my bff works in HKL as well) and the happy patient which is rare..

Ery Farieha said...

ingat salah tgk td.

Jeremy Chuen said...

girl, when are you coming back?

izzah jalidar said...
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Sunny said...

I thought someone ate jeruk during the day time in Ramadhan. Food tasting katanya.....

dhamirah asilah said...

thanks coz visit my blog yesterday...i follow u..wondering coz u fren wit fahrin...heee

Aziati Wan Haron said...

hahahahaha *shifty eyes* somebody HAD to do the food tasting!!!

apple said...

everything looks yummy in ramadhan.ramadhan always be the times where we would crave even for just a 5 cents candy!
*awful then.HHA

Hasz said...

alamak ... jeruk tu look so tempting *mouth watering*

myra said...

weyyy, bestnye the jeruksss!!! u know i love jeruk and anything related!! damn.. teringin..(meleleh air liur)

Mya Kamal said...

yeah i bet it was ti who tasted the jeruk.HAHAHAHAH i m not a big fan of jeruk buah but daaymmn nampak sedap gila.thankx for posting ti.i shouldnt look at the pix time puasa mcm ni.-__-

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Mya, like I said, somebody 'had to do the food tasting' hahahahaha -_- I did it for the team.. cheh!! at least I posted gambar makanan.. NOT ice cream truck. hahahahahha *evil thoughts*

Myra: Hahaha yes you jeruk addict you