Monday, August 16, 2010

Elena Schmontel's Birthday Bash

I just absolutely love pink helium balloons, don't you?

Anyway, it was my niece's 1st birthday party, and I was in charge of the decorations.

Effort okay to fold & tie up the napkins.
And to cut the purple paper into small heart shapes -_-

I think this Balloon costed my sister almost RM200+,
but Daddy accidently popped it 30 minutes upon arrival.
(terlanggar kipas, while he was moving it to another location, haha so cute)
Yes, I can only imagine Kak Ija screaming away -_-
But then, Daddy went to decorate inside the house.
Bought some of his own decorations.
So terpujuk lah hati Kak Ija :)
The kid's play area.
The party packs
The party pack for Boys
Ben 10, Naruto.
The party pack for Girls
Disney, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcakes
The party pack for Toddlers
Hadiah for the games
Coloring contest
I was also in charge for the games, oh man,
Imagine having to handle 70 kids.
70 hyper active kids.

I started with musical chair.
I told the kids, "Fight for your chair!" "Push!"
And there's this one boy that actually pushed another girl from the chair so that he could have the chair to himself, because he wanted to "fight for his chair"
Oh my God I felt so guilty.
Hahaha bad, baaad, instruction.
The girl actually cried -_-
(I gave her candy as bribery to stop her from crying)
And I told the kids, "Kids, no pushing.. Play nicely" -_-
Then we played Newspaper Dance.
The kids were so cute!
Look at Little Monster (my nephew) Aliff & his cousin Harith!
Then we had Treasure Hunt.
And of course, Pinata.
Just like the one we did last year, for Aliff's birthday. (click to see)

Azam made the Pinata.
A pinata is a papier mache figure filled with candies inside :)
A very cute ladybird. (A very fat one)
The kids hitting the Pinata to get the candies
Hahaha sibuk nak try jugak.
OK, I never had Pinatas when I was small OKAYY -_-
Ah yes, the birthday girl.
Baby Elena, in fairy tale costume :)
And her birthday cake! Yummy
Look at the gifts she got that day.
I think Kak Ija doesn't need to buy toys for 1 whole year -_-
And of course, my birthday gift to Elena!
Her very own pool of balls!
PS> The party was held 1 week before Ramadhan, FYI. He he he.


fiki wiki said...

omg and it's only a first birthday!! imagine how it'd be for the 16th birthday!!!

p.s super lame joke: "whats a pinata filled with meat?"
ans: a COW!!

ngahaha. ok that was super lame.

apple said...

ok wow:)
you are good in planning birthdays and the decos are great too.

wish i could have one too:)but yet i'm too old for thisXD

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Fiki: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA man. a cow. sabar je la. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha I'll ask my 5 yr old nephew that question later. LOL

aple: hehehe boleh je buat! never too old for birthdays!

Hasz said...

woot!!! u've done a good job Aziati. Nice deco work :)

Anonymous said...

wahh !!
best nyerr !

Anonymous said...

wahh !!
best nyerr !

dialicious said...

u did a good job!!u can be a good wedding decorator:)