Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nasi Kandar Beratur & Sup Hameed

Kalau pergi Pulau Pinang, tidak lengkaplah kalau tak makan Nasi Kandar, kan?
Anyway, I don't really like Nasi Kandar.

I quite a fulfilling Buka Puasa earlier on,
but H & Ipin still wanted Nasi Kandar..
for SUPPER!!!!

Dah emo pasal kena beratur.
Everybody patiently queuing up for the Nasi Kandar.

I told H & Ipin, "Maybe they need a correct structure/system to lessen the que. So that customers do not need to que so long?"
They told me, "Nama pun Nasi Kandar Beratur."
*slaps forehead*

H told me, "If you're the first customer here, they will make you wait until there's a que, then only they will start selling. Baru la Nasi Kandar Beratur."
Hahahahahaha that's just nonsense!

Being a girl, I get to sit.
And not que.

Okay so both of them finished their food.
Then, off for Sup Campur pulak.
*oh my God*

The soup was good. A little too much for my stomach, but it was, good.

Muka orang ada taman di hati.

And yes,
I came back with a terrible stomach ache that night.


fiki wiki said...

omg u just made me super hungry!
was the nasi kandar worth the que then?

Anonymous said...

is ur frens name FAHRIN AHMAD??

Aziati Wan Haron said...

for the boys, they said it was worth it.
for me, mm.. it tasted like, any nasi kandar.
hahaha. i dont really like nasi kandar -_-

H said...

the curry was good...finger lickin' good..yummy

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Ya I still can't believe how both of you can eat a full meal of nasi kandar after that hard rock hotel buffet. And makan soup campur dfn roti lagi. Lepas tu tak sakit perut pulak tu! -_-

Anonymous said...

kirim salam fahrin ahmad, hensemnyaa, best nye u kwn dgn dia, sape gf die!? *kecewa* LOLOLOL

Mya Kamal said...

i wanna go to Penang and try the nasi kandar there.KL one tak best.

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Mya: Hahaha jom la kita pergi -_- Atau U nak cuba kuey tiaw ipoh? he he he

Jeremy Chuen said...

ramadhan fever

Boniface Paul Banta said...

u guys seemed to have a lot of fun out there!!haha

Mya Kamal said...

kuey tiaw ipoh?woooo mcm best!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Hahaha you actually read the comment box. hahaha *hugs* OK jom ipoh

dialicious said...

mmg best gile..but couldnt stand the q!even afdlin shauki yg shoot lama2 kt penang pun bengang kenapa die xle cut queue...huhu...sori..mamak xkenal dia kot..haha