Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today, I had an early meeting.
I was so sleepy, so I made me a really nice hot cup of coffee.

So there I was, happily walking inside the meeting room, with a nicely blended coffee in my hands.
You could actually smell the aroma.

"Today puasa, right?" my non-Muslim (and did I mention, good looking?) Boss asked me.
*slaps myself*
Oh right.

Today, is the first day of Puasa.
And YES, I am fasting.
I was just too sleepy to even remember.
Despite the fact that I actually ate sahur, a full meal, if I might add.

I looked at my coffee, "Oh, right.."
"Ah, and I made this for you." *smiles* and passed the coffee to my non-Muslim Boss.

Quite a good cover up, eh?
And they thought I was sucking up.

After a long good 1st day (I usually get very, very excited during Ramadhan) I got my period.
At 5.45pm on the first day of Ramadhan.
Hahahahaha WTF (OK I can say WTF because I am NO longer fasting)

*** Selamat berpuasa, everyone. Jangan pura-pura lupa dah bulan puasa. -_-


fiki wiki said...

welcome to my life babe ;)

Jeremy Chuen said...

hahahahahaha!! funny!

Hasz said...

hahaha ..this is really dead hilarious !