Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The DVD Weekend

I don't really watch satellite television.
Here in Malaysia, it means, Astro.

Usually when I DO watch satellite television,
I'd end up changing from one channel to another, hoping to find something nice.
And when I do find something nice,
either it's already halfway through the movie, that,
or the many advertisements in between.

Honestly, I feel it's a waste of time.
Having to sit, and go through all that.
Annoying, most of the time.

So I watch DVDs, instead.
I get choose what I want to watch, at my own convenience, with no advertisements.

I only watch DVDs on weekends, where I lay on my bed all day (and night) long to watch a back-to-back episodes of whatever I want to watch.

I do that, errr, well, until Mom knocks on my room and asks me to do or buy something.
Like today, it's "Please get me 2 pineapples. Daddy nak makan Pajeri Nenas tonight."
Hahaha -_-

I was going through my DVD collection, and I start to wonder..
"How many weekends will it actually take for me to actually watch all of them?"

I somehow just realized that I have enough DVDs to actually open a DVD shop.
And I have yet to watch 80% of the DVDs I have.
*shifty eyes*

Maradona? Like really? Am I ever going to watch that?

Punya malas nak susun, campak je semua dalam box -_-

Aliff's collection.
Power Rangers, Naruto, Ben 10.
You know the drill.

His own folder for his DVDs.
Kasi cartoon cartoon sikit. Mickey Mouse & Pooh (covered)
And Black (action movies) and Purple (Barney CDs) hahaha
Okay he's so over Barney now.

Hidup tak lengkap tanpa full collection of Friends, no?
The DVDs that's without a box.
Usually bought from DVD Dude at Asia Cafe.
I actually can make 7 folders out of them!!!!!
Hahahaha wtf.
And in case you're wondering, the folders are arranged according to type of movie,
Action, Horror, Drama, ChicFlick, Malay & Scientific/Fiction.
(this is not neurotic, this is organized)

Having this at home, that is why I often chuckle when my friends invite me for movies.
I often say, "Errr.... why don't we do coffee instead?"

Because I know my babies (DVDs) are waiting for me at home, patiently.
Hahahaha wtf.

Well, unless it's a Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy)'s movie.
*dreamy eyes*


fiki wiki said...

omg =O. you should open a dvd rental shop or something.

i usually main stream je online. free.

illy ariffin said...

wah best nyer.. ade friends

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ok wait, two things here.

1 - you better hope the anti-piracy agency doesn't stumble upon your blog.

2 - something caught my attention. a DVD saying "ayat-ayat cinta"? Is that like a motivational DVD?

huhu. Peace Ti. Selamat Hari Raya.

Anonymous said...

gila lanun Ti!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

cold ash: hahahahhaaha ayat-ayat cinta is indonesian movie lah doink!!! hahahahhahahahahahha -___-

Jeremy Chuen said...

can u turn ur house into a movie place? plsss