Sunday, August 29, 2010


Ops. I did it again.
Fiq wanted to buy some stuff for his new house, and to Ikea we went.
And somehow, I ended up shopping as well.

*pretend to be surprise*
Hurri told me, as he was unloading my things into his car,
"I think it's my fault.
Because whenever I'm out with you, you end up shopping, on a impulse."
Hahahahaha how cute.

I looked at him, "I think you are right. It's your fault."
*shifty eyes*


Mya Kamal said...

meneysal tak pergi!!tapi kalau i pergi,mesti i shopping skali.hahahaha!

Jeremy Chuen said...

hahaha not again!

Hasz said...

ugh, it just happened to me! my friend ajak I teman dia shopping. In the end, cuba teka 'siapa' paling banyak shopping??? Oh, not again !!! *guilty face. hahaha