Friday, August 27, 2010

How Photogenic Are You?

I had the worst breaking-fast today.
I was at Alexis Telawi and ordered Peach Soda drink.

So it was breaking fast time, and my drink didn't even come on time.
I asked the waiter for a warm water, just to break-fast, but he said I'd have to pay for it.
A RM19 for a bottle of water.

Seriously, it's Ramadhan, and Alexis should have at least provide WATER for Muslims especially when we already ordered drinks and YOU (Alexis) could not deliver it to our table on time.

*Okay I don't know why I'm in such a bitchy mood today*

I love Alexis.
They have great food.
But I am really disappointed with the service, especially their ignorance towards Ramadhan.
And also, when I wanted to go to the Ladies, the waiter said it was CLOSED!
(Notice that I try my best not to type 'Hahaha WTF' like I always do,
because it's Ramadhan, and I try my best not to curse. Hahahaha OK)

So after breaking fast we didn't even bother to have coffee there.

Went to Starbucks instead.
Okay that's my BFF, Mya.
I cover her face because she's so photogenic and makes everyone looks ugly in photos.
Hahahahahahaha *evil laugh*
So you don't need to see her face.
*evil laugh again*

Okay bad, kitty.
Okay you can see her face.
I love you, girlfriend.

****** FYI I'm only referring to Alexis Telawi. Alexis BSC & Gardens are awesome


Mya Kamal said...

some people(not you) said that being photogenic is a bad im actually ugly in real life.hahahhaahhaha btw,i agree the service at alexis bangsar was just a glass of water for god sake.take note alexis!

Jeremy Chuen said...

but your friend is hot

Anonymous said...

Next time order tequila, sure sampai laju.