Friday, August 6, 2010

Supermom or Cashmere Mafia

Couple days back, H asked me,
"You ni nak set trend untuk fashion rambu ramba ke?"
Rambu ramba?
Hahahaha WTF.
He meant, ruffles.

And no, I don't even like ruffles.
Ruffles make me look fat.
But apparently those are one of the few clothes that can still fit me, nowadays.
-_- (shifty eyes)

Anyway, couple nights ago,
I was invited to attend a "Bring your Spouse night" dinner with my Managing Director and his wife.
Ya, so not funny.
I do not have a spouse, and I have to attend "Bring a Spouse night" dinner.
Ya, so not funny.

We went to Malaysian Petroleum Club for dinner.
(Can you see my sad reflection alone taking photo Hahaha WTF)
During dinner, my MD asked me
if I actually had the time to date, with the busy workload.
He he he.
Keeping my face straight,
I said I was busy
(devoting myself to the Company. Cheh cheh cheh jual nama kejap, mestilah),
but it is also important to have work life balance.

Everybody wants to be successful, no?
Well, at least, I know I want to be successful.

But then,
There's a price to pay to be successful, and there are things that you need to let go and compromise to reach where you want to be.
Sad to say, especially when you are a woman.

And I quote Oprah, "You can't be a successful, top of the top, powerful career-woman, and also be a successful, top of the top, supermom at the same time. You have to pick one side, excel in one, and be just an average, or just slightly above average, in another. "

Oh well, for me, as far as I'm concerned,
I will answer that question once I'm faced with it,
Who knows what and who,
I am willing or unwilling,
to sacrifice, once I have to make that decision.

PS> Malaysian Petroleum Club is at Petronas Twin Tower level 42, strictly for members only, and of course, was overly expensive. I personally felt it was overrated, and the food was not that great. Zzzz.


Jeremy Chuen said...

which do you think you would chose tho?

jan said...

looking good lady

Lina Lokman said...

u r the one yang buat peace tu kan? omg u so cute.haha

Aziati Wan Haron said...

Ahahaha ya tiba tiba sesat dgn peace -_-

Mya Kamal said...

now im back to blogging,i dont have to post as anonymous.wwot woot.btw i love ruffles.hahaha!

Aziati Wan Haron said...

I love it that you're using your real name now. Now that's the way to go.
Yeay now my BFF is blogging! Wuut wuut