Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Red Ribbon Celebrity Support Programme

Hello, everyone..
Haven't been updating the blog for quite a bit.
I'm using UNIFI at home, and somehow I think it does not configure well with my iMac.
Oh well.

On Saturday, I was at The Red Ribbon Celebrity Support Programme.
(Hard Rock Hotel, Penang)
It's a programme to create awareness about AIDS by using the power that celebrities have over the media, over the people.
One of the doctors from Malaysia Aids Council said, Dr Alias,
"If I were to go around talking about AIDS, nobody will listen. But if Umie Aida, Winnie K, Fahrin Ahmad, Dayang Nurfaizah, Joey G, were to go around talking about it, people will listen."
(If you want to know more, Google it up, please. Am lazy to explain. He he)

It's an event organized by Malaysian Aids Council and Youth Aids Council.

Anyway, just in case you didn't know (and you should know!)
There are 3 ways one could be infected with HIV.

I think it's very important for all of us to know that these are the only 3 ways one could be infected.
I say it's important to know because
by knowing
1) we can avoid from getting infected,
and also, by knowing,
2) we can avoid from discriminating those already infected.
Because just by talking, touching, or even caring about them, does not infect us.
So why discriminate, right?

Did you know that 71% from those infected with HIV are Malays?
Are Malays less educated about HIV or just plain ignorant?
It somehow makes me wonder.

Should we provide sex education in school?
Should parents teach their children about safe sex?
Why are more Malays taking drugs by the needle as compared to other races?

So on that day, Datuk Zaman Khan (the President) provided all of us with Condoms.

There was quite a buzz from the Media, as you know, there's this perception about giving out condoms, or even talking about condoms, somehow, promotes sex before marriage.

*** Note: Malaysia Aids Council will provide condoms to promote safe sex.

I thought Datuk Zaman Khan explained the reason behind it, quite splendidly.
(Isn't he the cutest?) He he he
Question from the Media, " Dengan memberi condom-condom ini, tidakkah Datuk rasakan bahawa ia seolah mengundang pelbagai maksiat, masalah sosial terutamanya seks luar nikah? Bukankah ini bertentangan dengan Islam?"

His answer, "Sebagai orang Islam, saya memang setuju memberi kondom ini seolah memberi pelepasan kepada mereka untuk melakukan seks luar nikah. Tetapi, sebagai President Malaysia Aids Council, saya harus hentikan penyebaran AIDS akibat jangkitan dari hubungan seks rambang. If they want to do it, that's between them and God, but if they are doing it, I want to make sure I did my part in providing them a safe protection to shelter them from AIDS."

Okay, please do not QUOTE me, these are roughly the answer that I remember.
I did NOT jot down any notes.
Lebih kurang macamtu la dia jawab.
Anyway, isn't his answer awesome?

The press conference

Ipin (bukan nama sebenar) and I giving pretending to be giving a real good speech about AIDS.

Some of the doorgifts.
A cup & cap designed by Melinda Looi.

H said I looked like "Cina mabuk" here.
Hahaha WTF
No discrimination please.

Promoting Hard Rock Hotel -_-


PS> H, kenapa gambar Ipin je yang jadi malam ni? (because I yang ambil)
Tsk tsk.
Gambar I tak jadi posing to the same background.
Tsk tsk.

Okay, let's educate everyone about AIDs and safe sex.

And better still, no sex before marriage.


apple said...

That's shockin to know 71% of thema re malays.

oke i like I.haha XD

Sunny said...

AIDS bukanlah penyakit pembalasan..

Mya Kamal said...

its better to be protected.i like that dato's answer.

Jeremy Chuen said...

u are so cute =)